All About Greenhouse Growing Part 5

Greenhouse Resources / References for Hobbyists

For readers interested in what the government’s
position is on greenhouses – soil, emissions, nurseries,
tomatoes, etc – visit the United States Department of
Agriculture web site:

USDA.GOV Website for more information

This link takes you directly to the subject of greenhouses.

Your Wonderland

Your greenhouse is your wonderland. You can make anything of it that you like. It is an oasis in both time and space.
The time that you spend tending to your greenhouse can be your downtime, a time away where the stresses of this world pass away.
If your greenhouse is your hobby, you will wish to spend allotted time there each and every day. However you consider your greenhouse you will enjoy yourself. You will go back to nature and get in touch with your organic
self. All of this is very good for the soul.

Three Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Greenhouse

Your greenhouse can be attached to your home. It can alternatively be freestanding to add to the beauty of your surrounding landscape. If you are an avid gardener then you will likely enjoy the atmosphere of a greenhouse. You should forget about the largeness of a commercial greenhouse. These are nothing like the warmth and ambiance of your personal greenhouse. You will have a greenhouse on a much smaller scale, a place to house your personal choices in plants, flowers and fruits and vegetables. You will also have a very handy place to do the work you need to do without being interrupted. You will be in your own domain and not under someone else’s green thumb.
Owning your own greenhouse sure saves you a bundle when it comes time for buying seeds. You can capture your own seeds from your garden and then transfer those to your greenhouse. This saves money during the springtime.

As you spend more time with your greenhouse, you will be amazed by how many seeds you can start there. You will learn more about growing and rely less and less on the commercial growers! In no time at all, your greenhouse will begin to pay for itself.
When you own your own greenhouse, you will have the opportunity to expand it as just a hobby. You can become
equipped grow flowers, vegetables and plants all through the year. Having your own greenhouse means you can be free of growing just for spring growing seasons. You can grow throughout the entire year. This is true even if you do not wish for the expenses of heating throughout the winter months. Begin by planting seeds, March through April and then plan to plant again, May through June. During the cooler temperatures, place your plants in the greenhouse. This will mean a much longer life span for your flowers and vegetables.

Another good reason for owning a greenhouse is that you can plant and harvest your own organic foods, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This will save on your grocery bills and will also make for very healthy eating. Those with food allergies and chemical sensitivities prefer to eat organic foods and this makes owning a greenhouse ideal for them.
Building and owning a greenhouse is pure pleasure for the entire family. Each member can have their own little organic corner where they are in control. Watching a plant begin from seed and then grow into plants is a delight.

From Little to Plentiful

Your greenhouse has so much to offer you. Have you ever taken the time to think about all of the plenty that your greenhouse does offer you? When you take a walk through the front door of your imagined greenhouse, what do you see? Your every sense will come alive with color, scent and sight! You will feel alive in every sense of the word. Everywhere there will be new growth! It is pure delight! If you are ever feeling home bound, just peek you head
inside your greenhouse for an instant boost of pure energy. As you return to your hobby greenhouse, you have the pleasure of knowing that your tomatoes life span will continue into the fall. By the time the Christmas holidays come along, you will have ripe and fresh tomatoes to enjoy. You will save money by buying your seeds in bulk from catalogs or, perhaps, by trading seeds with friendly gardeners for free. You can next start your flowers and plants come January. You will feel like quite the garden manager! You spend so many hours at work and running to meet the

needs of others that when you spend a little time doing something that you really enjoy you feel more worthwhile inside. You can start and grow trees and shrubs without the worry of deer and other animals coming and eating them when they are small and vulnerable. Starting and keeping your trees and shrubs indoors for a year will give them an extra edge so they can grow larger and stronger before being faced by animals. If you want to be on your own, away from the clatter of life, you can simply walk down the aisles of your greenhouse and reflect on your day. All around you are the great creations of nature that you had a hand in yourself! This is very nourishing to the spirit and helps you to gather your thoughts in a positive reflection.

If you are a mother, you can bring your children to the greenhouse and teach them the lessons of the earth. They can get your hands dirty with Mother Nature and then watch as their plants grow and flourish! You can start to grow early on and watch the beauty of your own bounty before all of those who do not have a greenhouse. You will enjoy your spring flowers and vegetables early! Your neighbors and your friends might watch you and wish that they, too, had a terrific greenhouse! As you tend to your plants year round, you feel fulfilled inside, as you are doing something that is very important. Helping to bring wholesome and natural foods to your family’s table each day brings its own reward!
You spend so much time each day running here and there and always doing for others, with your own greenhouse, what you do there is for you and for those you choose to share your bounty. This brings a sense of satisfaction.
Owning a personal greenhouse brings with it many rewards – perhaps the most important being the feeling of extreme
accomplishment that comes from all of the hard work you do there. It is time very well spent and enjoyed!

Buying a Greenhouse Checklist

__ Aluminum – wood if beautiful, but our aluminum
frames are longer lasting and maintenance-free.
__ Painted Aluminum – best appearance, looks new for
many years.

__ Tempered safety glass
__ TwinWall or Opal
__ TripleWall
__ Glass walls, TwinWall or Opal roof
__ Pressure treated timbers (up to 200 sq. ft
__ Concrete/block base wall
__ Concrete slab/tile

Note: Outside dimensions of greenhouse foundation are given under “Actual Sizes” on the price charts. Floor If you have not poured a concrete slab, you will need a walkway down the middle of your greenhouse. First, lay down landscape fabric (#2380) over the entire floor. For an aisle of bricks: frame the walkway with treated 2 x 4 lumber, lay down 2″ of crushed rock, then 1″ of sand, and set the bricks with 3/8″ spacing. A final touch might be to plant lemon thyme between the bricks! Finish the remainder of the floor with 2″ of pea gravel.
__ Aisle pavers/bricks, Pea gravel under benches
__ All pavers – provides good drainage
__ Concrete slab/tile – not too smooth or it gets
slippery. Provide for drainage.
__ Benches
__ Shading
__ Heating
__ Air Circulation
__ Misting System
__ Other

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That concludes the series on greenhouse growing. We hope you liked it. Now, get out there and get dirty!

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