Building A Yard Feature

Just recently, we decided to add a fountain to the front of our yard. We did take a few photos to show how easy it was to add a yard feature to spruce up one of the most difficult areas in our yard to grow anything. This space was hard because of the amount of sun and heat. It was difficult to grow plants and flowers here, so we took out all the plants last year and found what would fit in this space…a yard fountain!

There were many reasons for the new landscaping project however so small. We wanted to have something that would look nice and add to the eye appeal and value. We also discussed the fact that if the fountain were placed below our bedroom window, we would hear water sounds at night and it would help us sleep. Never mind that the birds would have a spot to get a drink if needed, this new idea would serve many functions.

Deciding to not skim the grass and top layer of soil saved a lot of labor. It was decided that 50 gallon trash bags laid down and spread would stop most, if not all grass from growing up through the new lawn feature.

ground plastic for fountain


We placed rocks down to hold certain portions of the plastic from moving. We also at this point started building the short rock wall and tried to get all the rock placement done before adding our gravel. You may use beauty bark as well, we just had this gravel handy and it worked well as you will see for a nice sturdy base for our new fountain.

yard feature ground prep


The sun has always shown in the afternoon on this side of the house making it very difficult to grow anything here due to the high heat. With this new landscaping feature, it will make the space much better to look at and serve multiple purposes.

To keep out larger animals like dogs, we added a short fence to the rock wall edge. We have dogs, but we would like them to not be in this space if possible, the fence has worked in the past to show them that this is not for them.

The new fountain looks good and was not that expensive to build. The cost of the fountain was under $100 and the trash bags were also cheap. The gravel and rocks are free. It depends on where you live and what materials are available to you. You may substitute bricks for the rock wall, just remember to overlap the bricks for stability.

You may also use beauty bark or some other material for the fill. They have stepping stones and other types of bricks at a local building supply or hardware store. Go out and shop around and take a list of what you are looking for and make comparisons.

The finished lawn feature looks pretty good….

fountain yard feature

It adds some new spice to a really old house. The new fountain area can be filled with whatever you wish, yard gnomes, fairies, potted plants on their own flat stones. The fountain actually cools down this area and adds ambient moisture to the air and some to the ground as it splashes. We saw robins drinking from this new fountain the same day we built it. They seemed to like having a water source closer by to their nests.

We feel this was a great addition to the home. The birds like it, we like it, and everybody was happy to come by and see it. It was not expensive to build and it took only the one afternoon to finish. As we upgrade our home and remodel and re-roof, this new yard addition adds value both to the home owners and visitors.

We hope you liked our little project and thanks for stopping by..

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